Teens who want a different approach to learning

When they join one of the learning cooperatives, young people of diverse backgrounds encounter a welcome change from their school experience. Some of our teen members got straight A’s in school, but felt bored or unchallenged. Some had learning differences that their schools were not able to fully address. Others had passions they wanted to pursue, but felt that school and homework took up too much of their time. Some felt lost within the social scene at school or were bullied. Still others found the structure and values of conventional schools to be confining and frustrating and wanted a more flexible learning environment, to feel a better sense of belonging. In addition, there are long-standing homeschooling teens who join our centers in order to connect with peers and to participate in a community of learners.

The common thread for all teen members is a belief that their lives can get better in a supportive community outside of school. Not a different school, or an alternative school, but outside of school altogether. The staff at the Princeton, Bucks, and Raritan Learning Cooperatives help teens and their families to transition into a new life on their own terms and for their own purposes.

Collage of teens engaged with life

We accept applications on a rolling basis and work with families from all economic backgrounds.

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