Membership fees allow the programs at our Princeton, Bucks and Raritan centers to function on a basic level.

We rely on community support for the rest.

Make a Donation

Learning Cooperative centers work with families at all income levels. We receive no federal or state funding and rely on our tuition and the generosity of our supporters. The Learning Cooperatives is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to continue to maintain a community that is economically diverse.

Checks can be made to The Learning Cooperatives and sent to:
315 West Maple Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

You can also support our organization by designating “The Learning Company” at

Wish List

Please consider donating or purchasing equipment, tools or supplies.

Email to discuss. Thank you!

  • Flatscreen TVs and large screen monitors
  • Couches
  • Computers (useable): Laptop and desktop PCs (capable of internet connectivity)
  • Stationery supplies: pens, pencils, markers, dry erase markers, paper (lined/printer), notebooks, rulers, envelopes
  • White board & markers, chalkboard & chalk, cork board
  • Art supplies: paper, paints, paint palattes, brushes, pencils, easel, clay,sketch pads, poster boards
  • Craft Supplies: stained glass supplies, yarn/knitting & crochet needles, glue, pens/markers
  • Button maker
  • Cameras (DSLR), other photography equipment
  • Cooking supplies, especially measuring cups, hand mixer, baking sheets, grater, reamer (hand juicer)
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Sports and outdoor game equipment: rubber 4-square ball, rebounder/trampoline, frisbees, baseball/softball gloves, skateboard
  • Crash/Acrobatic mats
  • Musical instruments
    • soprano, alto and tenor recorders, cello
    • violin, ukulele, guitar, keyboard, piano
  • Hand tools & wood for woodworking
  • Biology lab supplies
  • Chemistry lab supplies
  • Physics lab supplies
  • Wall hangings and frames for posters
  • Curtains, blinds, shades
  • First aid supplies
  • Chairs, both folding and regular
  • Area rugs
  • Clocks, both digital and analog
  • Tablecloths, plastic and cloth
  • Dinner plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Electric kettle (with auto shutoff)
  • Iron
  • Bathroom supplies (Bucks)
  • Outdoor/Porch furniture
  • Bicycle rack
  • Picnic table & umbrella
  • Hammock
  • 15-passenger vans